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Our focus here at 1836 Homes is to build a home for your family.  Our favorite home styles are Cottage, Farmhouse, and Craftsman.  These home styles fit with our personality and local heritage in the Brazos Valley.

Below is a selection of our favorite plans that either we have built in the past or would love to build for you.

This selection ranges from 1200-2000 sqft and are here to inspire you and to get your wheels turning. Of course we can always go bigger if you want!

There are literally thousands of home plans (25k+) out there.  If you do not see something here, please feel free to look at our partner website by clicking the button below.

Every square foot counts!

How much house do you really need?  That will be the hardest question to answer!

Just remember every sq ft of home space, whether it’s in a closet, kitchen, or on a porch, cost to build!